Original themes for your bachelorette´s party

Your bachelorette´s party should be as original and unique as possible. You want all the invited people to remember it till their last days. It is your own party, close to your heart and that´s why you should put a part of yourself in it. So what theme should your bachelorette´s be?

It all depends on a lot of factors. Where it will take place, what the weather will be like… For example, we cannot tell our guests to come in swimsuits while it´s freezing outside. You surely get the point. Take a look at the place where the party will be at. What decorations can you add, will if fit in the place that you chose or booked? You can ask the owner of the place if they could make decorations. You have to be very exact about what you want. What options do we have while choosing bachelorette´s theme?

lidé pracují ve skupině

List is endless, but let´s take a look what can you choose from, and would suit you the best. First of all, imagine the place where your bachelorette´s will take a place. If there are any spots to put decorations on, and if yes, what kind of decorations. In case you booked a place for your party, don´t hesitate to ask it´s owner if it is alright to put your own decorations there. They can also offer to make the job for you for a little fee (or it can be included in the price already).

When you are done checking the place, think about what exact theme would fit the place and you of course. Maybe you can decorate it according to your favorite movie or a TV show and tell the guests to come dressed up as their favorite character from the movie. This is very original idea and not very common. People tend to stay very simple when it comes to bachelorette´s.

Dívky leží v trávě

The most common thing to do is just choose a color and let all the people you invited get dressed in that particular color. Also very popular can be parties where you have special type of clothing. Like beach themed party, where you are allowed to come only if you have some skirt of beach like clothing.